Ranadi Plantation is a specialist in frozen organic ginger. Please note that we only take sales enquiries from NZ and Australian markets.

Our ginger is nurtured using only regenerative, biodiverse, organic techniques. As of 2016 our ginger is fully ACO, USDA NOP, JAS and IFOAM certified. Our planting season is August/September. We are able to supply young ginger for two months of each year (February-March), and mature ginger from July through December.

The cut quality of all our ginger, including our most mature ginger, is excellent: it is tender and gets hotter as it gets older. Our ginger has minimal fibre even at 14 months old. If you’d like more information please contact us here or via the Contact Us page.

We can also supply a special product – Organic Mother Ginger – that is, the mother seed which has been in the ground for over two years! This is great product for anyone wanting to make super hot ginger beer.

This is what our 7 month old ginger looks like (please click on the images to expand them):

7 Month Ginger

And this is our 13 month old ginger:
13 Month Ginger