In 2013 we took our first step towards certified organic production with an audit by the industry’s leading certifier, Australian Certified Organic. Ranadi Plantation became fully ACO, USDA NOP and IFOAM certified in April 2016. We will become the first JAS certified farm in Fiji in August 2016.

Under the guidance of Australian consultant John Teh, Ranadi Plantation is implementing a permaculture design that includes avenue cropping for our ginger crops, rainwater harvesting and sustainable grey water management for our pack house, and development of a diverse food forest. We are also very inspired by the “Do Nothing” philosophy of Japanese farmer Masanobu Fukuoka, and a section of our farm is reserved for trialling Fukuoka’s methods. Our ginger consultant and mentor is the brilliant Paul Decker, who has guided us since 2013.

We are delighted to announce that in September 2015 we won Organic Crop Farmer of the Year (Central Division) in Fiji, for the second year running.