Our Team

We have 22 permanent staff at Ranadi Plantation, and the team grows to 50 people when our pack house is operational. Our farm and exporting business is run Tupou Lakalaka, who to our knowledge, is first Fijian female GM of an agricultural exporting business. Two thirds of our staff are women and we’re all Fijian.

Here’s an introduction to our core team….

Ajay 180x250

Ajay Nand
Our beloved colleague Ajay passed away on 5th July 2017. A shining light in the organic movement in Fiji he is terribly missed by us all. Gone too soon brother.

Vilisi 180x250

Vilisi Lutu

After spending a couple of years as a senior Quality Controller in our Pack House, Vilisi now works as Record Keeper and PA in the office.

Hement 180x250

Hement Kumar
Hement is our Fertility & Plant Protection Team Leader, and a secret master entrepreneur.

Elenoa Vinaka

Elenoa, our office Housekeeper makes sure the office looks lovely. Vinaka Elenoa!

Jope 180x250

Jope Lido

Jope is our Building and Maintenance Manager and all hours trouble-shooter.

Loata 180x150

Loata Matea
Loata is Ranadi’s Weeding and Pack House Supervisor. Loata has very green thumbs and great attention to detail.

Kitties 180x250

The Kitty Cats

Our resident cats Meiyou (ginger), Lou Lou (tuxedo) and Gram (superhero), are in charge of vermin, lizard and moth control.

Mika 180x250

Mikaele Matea
Mika, also known as the Ranadi Sheep Whisperer, is our Head Shepherd and Building & Maintenance Assistant.

Amelia Raega

Amelia is Assistant Record Keeper and one of the members of our amazing weeding team.

Naome 180x250

Naome Tukana
Naome is Ranadi’s Head Housekeeper and Planting Team Leader. She has created Ranadi’s stand out mandala gardens.

Tupou 180x250

Naomi Tupou
Tupou is General Manager of Ranadi. She oversees daily management of the farm and pack house. She is Fiji’s hardest working woman.

Peni Waqatabu
Peni is Ranadi’s ginger growing consultant. Peni and his bullocks joined our team this year – proving that the traditional methods can be as good as the modern ones!

Vinaina Losolisoli

Viniana is a member of our awesome weeding crew.

Parbeen 180x250

Parbeen Lal
Parbeen is our Tractor Operator and legendary land preparation specialist.

Asenaca Bulisoro

Soro works in our weeding team and is also an expert weaver.

“Little Soro” Lido

Little Soro (Asenaca Bulisoro’s namesake) is our Office and Accounts Assistant Trainee. She also takes care of our beloved kitty cats. Little Soro is currently undertaking a Human Resources degree at USP.

Kie 180x250

Kie Korobuleka

Kie is Assistant Technical Manager, and plays Rugby 7s for one of Fiji’s top teams.

Teresia Qai

Teresia works as Naome Tukana as her Planting Assistant. Quiet and dedicated, we love her work!

Ravi Prasad

After a couple of years away he came back! Ravi is our farm hand and land prep assistant. We’re very happy he came back!

Unaisi Turaga

Una is part of Ranadi’s weeding team, and during our export season she keeps the pack house on target as the Grading Room Supervisor.

Jodi BW 108x250

Jodi Smith

Jodi, through her company The Earth Care Agency , provides management and supply consultancy support to Ranadi. Jodi was CEO of Ranadi for 4 years, guiding the business’s transition from conventional to organic farm, local to export business stepping down from her role to start her own business in early 2017. Jodi also teaches courses in regenerative, organic agriculture and yoga and qigong.